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Yobie Benjamin

Company: Token

Title: Co-Founder

Country: USA

Sector: Technology

Know for:  One of the first investors in Facebook and PayPal

Yobie Benjamin is a successful Filipino venture investor and innovator in autonomous mobility, life sciences, IoT, fintech, sustainability and consumer products. In recognition of his technology achievements in virtual reality, the World Economic Forum named him as a 2015 Technology Pioneer.

Currently CEO and Founder of Blockchip, Philippines - a global pioneer in gaming and social gaming apps.  Blockchip’s site – is the world’s first licensed and compliance-focused gaming AppStore.

He is also co-founder, senior advisor and/or mentor to several startups in the technology and synthetic biology space — (satellites and space imagery, satellite communications), (clean water and clean power), (forest and wildlife conservation/carbon credits), (payments/FinTech) and IndieBio (synthetic biology accelerator).


In the ICO space, Benjamin is advisor to Loyalcoin, DBrain and others.


Mr. Benjamin is the consulting CTO for stealth autonomous and connected automobile company designing new human and computer interfaces for a luxury high performance fully electric automobiles.  The cars Mr. Benjamin is designing are expected to have a 400 mile range on a single charge with speeds up to 190 miles per hour. 

He also serves as CTO Emeritus of, providing software to banks that enables them to issue a new payment type designed specifically for use in the digital era.  Mr. Benjamin has recently raised $18.5MM for Token.  Mr. Benjamin is a member of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Faster Payments Task Force. He is also an adjunct lecturer at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, teaching an executive education course on Global Angel Investing.

Previously, Mr. Benjamin was Global Chief Technology Officer for Citibank Institutional Clients Group/Global Transaction Services.  At Citi, Mr. Benjamin was responsible for global money flows of $3 trillion to $9 trillion per day ($1.25 quadrillion/year).  He was also Chairman of Citi’s Research Development Innovation & Learning Center.  Prior to Citi, Mr. Benjamin was a Partner and Chief of Global Strategy at Ernst & Young, LLP.

He was a co-founder of Avegant, where he led the software development of the next generation of virtual reality and augmented/mixed reality devices (winner of a 2014 CNN Top 10 Technology Products award for the Avegant Glyph and Skully Systems AR1 Helmet).

Mr. Benjamin has also served as Managing Director/Partner at Computer Sciences Corporation. He was former chair for a civilian volunteer group NASA AMES Collaboration Labs.

He is currently writing a book, "Tribes of the Valley" chronicling the different power tribes and groups in Silicon Valley. It is due for publication in Q1 of 2019.

Portfolio: ($178MM raised), ($18.5MM raised), Avegant ($58MM raised), Skyport Systems ($67M venture raised) acquired by Cisco February 2018

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