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Tharald Nustad​

Title: Founder

Company: Nordic Impact

Country: Norway

Sector: Technology




Tharald Nustad is a Norwegian serial entrepreneur and investor in the tech sector. He is the founder of Nordic Impact, a company that incubates and invests in social / environmental impact tech startups and impact funds. He is a co-founder of Katapult Future Fest, an event focusing on technology, impact investing and the future society - and Katapult Accelerator, a leading accelerator for impact tech startups. Nordici Ipact is very active in the future of education, and how we can create the future we want to live in. Nustad is active in building the impact investing ecosystem in the Nordics, and is an active player in the startup scene. He works with Ashoka helping social entrepreneurs. Nustad is an active member of Toniic, a global impact investor network, and is co-chair for the impact investing group in Nexus. He also leads Mallin, a family office focusing on Impact real estate developments.

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