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Shiao-li Green

Company: Minerva Schools

Title: Student

Country: Jersey, British Channel Islands

Sector: Education

Age: 20

Shiao-li has just finished her second year at Minerva Schools at KGI and is planning to major in Computational Sciences, with concentrations in Computational Theory and Operations Research. She is currently interested in education, including how it can be personalised, be made more accessible to all socioeconomic groups and facilitate communication amongst them.


Adopted at 19 months old from China, she grew up in Jersey, British Channel Islands and attended school in Jersey, the French Alps and boarding school in the UK. Shiao-li has always been prepared to go out of her way to help others and believes this may originate from having had a privileged upbringing and the thought of how different it might have been . This has included a volunteering project to help build a school and teach children English in Madagascar, cooking breakfast for the homeless in Cheltenham and organising for school uniforms to be received by a Tanzanian charity. Her hobbies include baking, playing bridge and watersports. Shiao-li looks forward to learning from others during this conference in order to better understand the issues being discussed and how she might help to move them forward.

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