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Community   >>   Rolf Winters

Rolf Winters

Company: Down to Earth

Title: Filmmaker

Country: Netherlands / United Kingdom

Sector: Film / Art

Age: 53

What characterizes Rolf is that he has never settled for the norm in any environment, if he didn’t feel it was right or worthy for the people functioning in it. His incessant drive to understand and make better use of human potential led him to found his own leadership consulting firm at the age of 30. The next 10 years he travelled Europe as boardroom consultant and coach, working for some of the largest corporations in the world. Disappointed about the short term focus and lack of holistic vision at the pinnacle of the corporate pyramid, Rolf started searching for a different perspective and a key to renewal. When he was exposed to the leadership principles and the way-of-life of the Anishnabe (first Native Americans), he knew he had found that key. The Native American vision on life and their way-of-being resonated so strongly with him and his wife that they made a massive U-turn: they left their successful cosmopolitan life behind, took their children out of school and moved to the woods of Upper Michigan for a life closer to nature and to learn from Native American ways. Three years into their journey they realized that they had to document the treasure of wisdom they found. Their search for wisdom led them to travel around the world, together with their children, to meet with the Keepers of the Earth. Their journey evolved into the feature documentary film Down to Earth. The award-winning film is seen by many as a dialogue-changer and was launched at the UN Global Climate Summit. The film has attracted such a strong following that it led to the foundation of the Down to Earth Collective, a social enterprise guiding communities and organizations on their path of transformation.

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