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Community   >>   Raamael Arif Mahmood

Raamael Arif Mahmood

Company: Minerva Schools

Title: Student

Country: Pakistan

Sector: Education

Age: 20

Hailing from an Army Background, Raamael had the chance of living in various cities within Pakistan. He took this opportunity well and interacted with people from various backgrounds and ethnicities within the country. This love for diversity led Raamael to come to Minerva, where he is pursuing a major in Finance and Economics while living with people from around the world. Throughout his life, he has worked towards finding ways that challenge his existence and has a strong aim of doing something that will help him matter. Not sure what the pathway to this immortality will be, he hopes that it will have a major positive impact on lives of many around him. He wishes to learn more about technological advancements in the developed world and use his knowledge and network to help bring this to the developing world. Other than that, Raamael is an extroverted student with interest in the corporate world. He plans to be a humble billionaire (Lotto is preferred). He missed investment on Bitcoin in the right time but is a Cryptocurrency fanatic nevertheless. Taking risks is his motto, traveling the world and learning new cultures is his hobby. He is beyond excited for the Arctic.

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