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Perpetua Muthoni

Company: EconAfrica

Title: Co-Founder

Country: Kenya

Sector: NGO

Age: 21

A youth entrepreneur and writer, Perpetua is the Co-Founder of EconAfrica, a platform that empowers a community of young business owners in East Africa by stewarding their innovations and creating a collaborative ecosystem in which they receive training in digital leadership, design thinking, financial planning, enterprise growth, and management.  


Growing up in a low income neighbourhood, Perpetua observed how those around her had numerous brilliant ideas but no access to both funding and information on how to actualize their dreams. This is what fueled the long-term vision she has for EconAfrica; to be an interface between young business owners, investors and information. Given the high unemployment rate in Kenya and other African nations, she wants to ensure increased business ownership by youth, increased employment opportunities, diversified economies and sustainable livelihoods for the young African population. By 2030, she hopes that EconAfrica will have expanded its operations to the four African regions and assisted a significant number of young people to successfully launch and scale their businesses.

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