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Miram El Maoula

Title: Founder and Co-partner

Company: Kremosyn

Country: Lebanon

Sector: Design

Age: 23




Miram El Maoula is the Co-founder and Partner of Kremosyn, a new global product brand focused on creating high quality design that merge form and function to create a sense of “living” spaces, with the aim of improving quality of life and producing a state of mindfulness.  Previously, she worked at the Lebanese Minister of Energy and Water on the promotion of energy conservation and sustainability. She also worked with several design firms on interior spaces that promote sustainability and quality of living.

El Maoula worked with several not-for-profit organizations and NGO’s on the promotion and launch of several initiatives, including Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon, United Nations Development Program in Lebanon, Haigazian University, and the Red Cross Donner Sang Compter.

El Maoula has a Bachelor of Art in Interior Design from Lebanese International University and is pursuing a Masters in Product Design at UMPRUM University in Prague, Czech Republic.