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"Nikki" Michelle Soo

Title: Speaker, author, coach and artist

Country: Australia

Sector: Health and education




"Nikki" Michelle Soo is a speaker, author and coach who has dedicated her life’s work to mental health and emotional wellbeing. She understands that happiness is a practice and she has provided emotional intelligence training to thousands of people.


In her early years, Soo worked at the frontline of domestic violence crisis support whilst completing her law degree in Australia. Disillusioned then by the lack of systemic change, she was driven to focus on areas where she could make a bigger difference. Inspired by “be the change you want to see in the world,” she found her calling in the area of personal growth. 


For 15 years now, Soo's work has empowered people to debug their mindset and develop practices for finding happiness within. She has helped small and large organisations boost employee happiness and increase productivity. She has also supported her private clients through post-traumatic stress of domestic violence, workplace bullying and sexual harassment. 


As a performance artist, Michelle is deeply interested in the human capacity for being open and present - with ourselves and with our environment. Performing at international art festivals, her contemporary dance pieces are always improvisational and in live collaboration with musicians and other dancers. In site-specific, interactive dance performances, she invites her audience to question the nature of vulnerability - and the strength and beauty that this can bring. 


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