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Community   >>   Mariéme Jamme

Mariéme Jamme

Company: I am the Code

Title: Founder

Country: Senegal / UK

Sector: Education

Age: 43

Mariéme Jamme grew up in Senegal, and was given away at an early age. Her adolescence was filled with hardship and she did not have a formative education until the age of 16, when she taught herself how to read and write.


Today, Mariéme is the CEO of Spotone Global Solutions, which helps technology companies to set a foothold in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. She has supported and advised many organizations such as Google, Microsoft, UN Women, HSBC Private Banking and The Obama Administration. We are therefore very excited to introduce the inspirational Award Winning Technologist, Mariéme Jamme.


Mariéme also won the Innovation Award at the Global Goals Award by UNICEF and The Bill and Melina Gates Foundation in 2017 as a GloalKeeper for her work in advancing the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. Often called the diplomat of technology, Mariéme’s latest venture includes the launch of IAMTHECODE, as the first movement aiming at mobilising governments, businesses and investors to support girls and young women in STEAMD (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Design). Her goal is to empower 1 million young women and girls globally to become coders by 2030 and to align with the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

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