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Malak Akiely

Company: Golden Wheat for Grain Trading

Title: Owner and Managing Director

Country: Jordan

Sector: Food

Malak J. Al Akiley is Founder and CEO of Golden Wheat for Grain Trading, Ltd., one of the main suppliers of grains to the Government of Jordan from worldwide suppliers. She is the sole owner of such company in Jordan with over nine years of her experience in agricultural commodities trading, marketing and business development, and through her integrity and focus on food security, she has become the official liaison for worldwide, grain companies seeking to meet the expanded demand for grains commodities (particularly in Jordan).


She has successfully ensured access to new markets like Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Nigeria. Already by 2007 Malak ensured the successful execution of grain purchase contracts for over 2.8 million metric tons of grain commodities for Jordan. Going from strength to strength within her field, in 2012, Malak left the partnership in which she was active to set up her own company Golden Wheat for Grain Trading Ltd.


In addition to her trading capacities & emphasis on maintaining and harnessing Jordan‚ Grain strategic storage stability, Malak is an Associate Business Partner in Nigeria Market and other west African countries for Aviation investment projects. Co-partner in Golden Kayan for Marketing consulting company for Oil, Fuel Supply, Energy and renewable energy. Separately from her trading activities, Malak is co-founder and COO of FeelEdu Co., an e-learning mathematics platform with a Swedish partner that seeks to transform science technology engineering and mathematics education in Jordan and the Arab world.


Additionally Malak is currently working on launching "Believe in Jordan" an initiative to embark on Jordanian business intelligence and their role in knowledge sharing & creation. In addition to her above stated independent efforts, she was also the youngest member of both the Public Financial Policies Committee of the Economic Policy Development Forum in Jordan and the Economic Committee for Jordan Vision 2021 in his Excellency Dr.Talal Abu Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum. She is also an active member of Jordan's Monetary & Financial policies Committee, the Jordanian Women's Empowerment and Investment Encouragement committee. Malak holds an MBA in Management Business Administration from the German-Jordanian University. Her next goal is to pursue PHD in Agriculture Economics and Rural Development and has political ambitions to serve as the First Women Prime Minister of Jordan.

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