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Loretta Whitesides

Company: Virgin Galactic

Title: Future Astronaut

Country: USA

Sector: Aerospace

Age: 43

Space explorer with a passion for Earth. Trained as an astrobiologist, I love connecting people, translating between scientists, engineers and non-technical people, and reminding people that the impossible is just something that hasn't happened yet. While my ego loves how impressive my LinkedIn profile makes me look, it's also true that most days the laundry goes unfolded and I still struggle to not totally lose it with my kids every day.

What I am committed to is always challenging myself to be more Jedi-like, to be the change I want to see in the world and to use less cliches.

Co-Creator of Yuri's Night, the World Space Party and
Career development- Coaching and support for people in defining and fulfilling what they came to Earth to do.
Leadership training- leading leadership development training for professionals
Speaking and Writing to make a difference- Gave Plenary at IAC 2008, TEDxNASA in 2009, TEDxPasadenaWomen in 2015
Former Flight Director for Zero G with 4+ hours floating weightless 
Been to Titanic depths of the Ocean with Hollywood director James Cameron to film "Aliens of the Deep"

This channel is coming soon!
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