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Community   >>   Liberty Pim

Liberty Pim

Company: Minerva Schools 

Title: Student

Country: United Kingdom

Sector: Education

Age: 21

Born and raised in the UK, Liberty is a 21-year-old student traveling the world in search of experiences, knowledge and the occasional wave. From the age of 10 she has been traveling to different countries alone, and has been pushing herself out of her comfort zone to learn from life experience, and continues to do so as she pursues a global education from Minerva Schools. These adventures range from living alone in a van for 6 months on the coast of England, to living in a box (quite literally) in a San Francisco hackers house for a startup attempting to rebuild the data integrity structures of the internet. As she tries to understand the world, her place in it is becoming increasingly clear. Constantly drawn to creativity and communication, she constantly writes, draws and records her experience and aspires to connect this to her passion for social impact. Moreover, she strives to understand how widespread communications influence society and how the evolving mediums for the spread of ideas have the potential to shape our future.

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