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Community   >>   Labib Malik

Labib Malik

Title: Magican

Country: Norway

Sector: Artist

Age: 34

Known for: Participant Norway got Talent's

Meet Labib Malik, a real magician and a raw mentalist who knows the depths and mysteries of the human mind. In addition, he prides himself, with good references, to be a charming and engaging entertainer who mastered the art of the audience in an exciting journey into a world of illusion and intense excitement..

Labib is a genuine and passionate entertainer who is committed to creating and offer fascinating and engaging effects that definitely amaze the audience.

Labib Malik performs at over 100 events every year. From hosting events to entertaining the smallest exclusive parties, he has worked for numerous clients from international corporations to private individuals in a range of countries.

As an artist he takes use of their abilities to create unique moments that surprises the senses and thereby help to create unforgettable moments. Due to its unique abilities are Labib often booked by companies from New York, Dubai, Oslo and Tokyo to private companies. Also at home in Oslo, he has held sold-out shows throughout 2015. The audience is left overwhelmed with wonder and amazement, with an entertainment experience of a lifetime.

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