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Community   >>   Kevin Abosch

Kevin Abosch

Company: Usegate

Title: Founder

Country: Ireland

Sector: Art

Age: 48

Known for: Many photographs you have definitely seen  

The work of artist Kevin Abosch is driven by his interest in the nature of identity, value, and human currency.  Abosch considers art as a means to address ontological questions and respond to sociologic dilemmas.  

Abosch’s works in photography, sculpture, installation and film have been exhibited throughout the world, in museums and civic spaces including The Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia, The National Gallery of Ireland, The Irish Museum of Modern Art, The Museum of Modern Art Novi Sad, The Museum of Modern Art Bogota, The Museum of Modern Art Reykjavik and Times Square, New York. 

Abosch holds US and Irish citizenship and currently lives in New York City.

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