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Karen Lorre

Title: Actor and meditation teacher

Country: USA

Sector: Media and entertainment




Karen Lorre has been a steady meditator for over 28 years.  She has healed in herself so many issues that doctors said could not be healed, and now lives in chronic pleasure and health.  


She has become pure loving consciousness more and more. Her mind is quiet and she lives from intuition and flows as if on a magic carpet ride of love to all she desires. 


She has helped thousands of coaching and meditation clients and students to allow in what it is they desire. People have become healthier, wealthier, more youthful, happier, and had more success from Karen’s coaching, meditations and teaching. Karen feels love for all and knows that love is the path to all we desire. Karen has successfully taught love to thousands of clients and students. 


Karen has also been a working actress most of her life. She has done over a thousand hours of TV, Film and commercials. She loves the adventure of acting! 



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