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Jason Roberts

Company: Polar-X & Jason Roberts Productions

Title: Founder

Country: Australia / Svalbard

Sector: Media

Age: 50

Jason Roberts is an award-winning filmmaker, polar expert, dedicated environmentalist and world’s leading authority on Polar Bears. He has devoted his life to both the Arctic and Antarctic, working with the production of natural history documentaries. Recent films included, Frozen Planet, Planet Earth, The Reindeer Girls, Spy on the Ice and The Polar Bear Family.


Raised in Australia, between the city and the bush he gained many practical skills that would be put to good use in later life exploring the polar regions “born and bred on the land, can turn my hands to anything”. He accomplished the position of senior trader on the Australian Stock Exchange at a record young age. However, he took a ‘period’ free from finance to try to fill the young ‘explorers’ virus. A short trek lead into adventures around the globe and a period residing in Sámi land (Lapland) Norway. Afterwards he relocated to the high arctic community of Longyearbyen, on the Svalbard archipelago, where he is a resident. “Living in the world's northern most community changes your perspectives in life”. Prior to filmmaking he worked for research institutes doing field studies on number of projects concerning our polar regions. An experienced ice diver, he has worked extensively as a rescue diver and is an accomplished sea kayaker and mountaineer.


Working with polar bears as a subject and ‘a passion’ over the last three decades has led to him being often quoted as ‘Mr. Polar Bear’. His expertise is rare as is his devotion to portraying the plight of what he calls the world’s most beautiful creation, the Polar Bear.


A winner of the prestigious ‘Panda’ award for best natural behaviour program with Polar Bears - Shadows on the Ice. Through the production services company, jason roberts productions, Jason promotes awareness of our world’s natural history.


“Some days I sit here on a floating iceberg and wonder what started this journey to both ends of the earth, the Arctic and Antarctica. Then I pinch myself and try never to forget the word “privileged”; privileged to be able to experience such”. His aspirations are that through information presented in Natural History programs that younger generations can create a wave of change to protect the planets environment in the future.

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