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Isabel Rousmaniere

Company: Minerva Schools

Title: Student

Country: USA

Sector: Education

Age: 19

Izzy grew up in the heartland of the United States where, as a student in the Minneapolis Public Schools, she witnessed some of the nation’s largest racial economic and educational disparities. Izzy knew from an early age that systems around her were rooted in historical injustice and in drastic need of innovation and repair; she knew she wanted to contribute to that change through creativity and connection. An emerging artist and activist, Izzy works with theater as a medium for shifting patterns in culture and policy. Her seven years of experience in community organizing, political advocacy, and theater for social change includes working on story-based legislative campaigns, teaching social impact theater to youth, and co-creating an arts festival centered around gender equity. Izzy spent part of high school studying diplomacy and government at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership in Washington, D.C., where she came to value the problem-solving potential of diverse perspectives and challenging conversations. Currently a student of Applied Humanities at the Minerva Schools, Izzy believes in the power of stories to connect and empower communities, impact hearts and minds, and generate creative solutions for social change.

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