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Hazig Rashid

Company: The Project Nomad

Title: Co-founder & CEO

Country: Singapore

Sector: Social Entreprise

Age: 24

Growing up in Singapore, Haziq has always wondered what life is like beyond the comfort of his country. When he was 21, he made a journey to India, where he discovered many talented artisans living in isolated communities. Despite the traditional skills that have been passed down through generations, being neglected by development projects and the caste discrimination forces them to live in poverty without access to basic needs such as food, education and infrastructure. The strong bond that Haziq forged with the community and their aspirations inspires him to start The Project Nomad, to give rural communities an equal opportunity to succeed. His social enterprise seeks to preserve the culture and livelihood of rural artisans through socially conscious products across the globe. Today, his initiative has allowed him to develop various opportunities that impact entire villages from building a sustainable income for the artisans in Indonesia and India to running community development projects in areas of education, the building of infrastructures as well as the preservation of the local environment. Haziq's experience in living and working with isolated communities is a story that serves to remind the importance of giving a voice to marginalised communities in deriving a ground-up solution to eradicate poverty.

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