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Community   >>   Giovanna Chaves

Giovanna Chaves

Company: Minerva Schools

Title: Student

Country: Brazil

Sector: Education

Age: 20

Giovanna was born in Rio de Janeiro, but spent most of her childhood jumping between cities in Brazil, which allowed her a glimpse at the myriad realities within her own country and sparked a desire to understand that on a global level. It fascinated her to think that the world through someone else’s eyes could look so different, yet share so many similarities. This path of inquiry finally led her to Minerva, where she is not only double majoring in Politics / Government and Economics, but also experiencing the world hands-on through seven global cities. Giovanna does not shy away from tough questions, and hopes to explore problems yet unsolved in her home country, such as interpreting culture and behavior to create effective policies that improve education and reduce inequality.

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