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English Sall

Company: Sall Family Foundation

Title: Co-owner

Country: USA

Sector: Philanthropy

Age: 27

English Sall is a data enthusiast and researcher at heart, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology (IOP). Sall is a board member of the Sall Family Foundation and pursuing the role of a next gen philanthropist, and is the co-founder of Impact Thread - an organization using industrial organizational psychology to address workforce and organizational development through the lens of social good. English has a specific interest in the global health space as she herself has suffered from Cystic Fibrosis since birth and received a lifesaving double lung transplant at the age of 19. Sall is also a board member of Aspen Management Partnership for Health, Jacaranda Health, EducationNC, and the Jamie KirkHahn Foundation. Before co-founding Impact Thread, English was co-director for Aspen Institute’s Impact Careers Initiative.

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