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Emma Stoks

Company: Operation Education

Title: Freelance

Country: Netherlands

Sector: Education

Age: 17

This channel is coming soon!

For years Emma was the perfect student, getting high grades and even going to university at age 15. She got the freedom to plan her own curriculum and was able to spend a lot of here time organizing fundraising events in her local community. At the same time her fellow students, who didn't score as high on standardized tests, didn't get the change to develop their talents during school days.

Here frustration with this inequality grew and she started a student union at her school and organized a national event to jump-start this bottom-up movement.

Emma decided not to go to college, but contribute to the movement that changes the way we view education and learning. She has co-developed a leadership program for principals and currently works at schools to help teachers rediscover their purpose.

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