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Emma Smith

Company: London School of Economics

Title: MSc Candidate

Country: USA

Sector: Education

Age: 26

She founded the first microfinance initiative for youth in West Africa. She helped bring forth a waste treatment unit to reduce the spread of diarrheal disease in developing countries. She collaborated with a team of materials scientists, engineers, and MBAs to launch a company developing competitive price organic graphene that could be used for water desalination. She onboarded leading organizations like UNHCR and the Red Cross to a mobile application to help refugees during the European crisis. She speaks English, Italian, Arabic, French, and Spanish. She worked with and for the largest hedge fund in the world Bridgewater Associates, the United Nations - Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, National Geographic Student Expeditions, local NGOs in Cambodia and Morocco, a $500 million AUM private equity real estate firm, and the Government of Canada. Her research has been published by Oxford Press, the London School of Economics International Development blog, and Duke University Press. She served as a co-founder and COO of a blockchain-based social enterprise for reforestation efforts. Still, this is only the start - she is a firm believer that enough disruptive creativity will eventually enable us to alleviate global human suffering.

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