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Community   >>   Duy Nguyen Dang

Duy Nguyen Dang

Company: Minerva Schools

Title: Student

Country: Vietnam

Sector: Education

Age: 20

At the young age, Duy used to be the pianist and violist with more than ten years of practicing and performing but then switched to his tennis career and ranked in the top 16th of his national tennis for the youth ranking. From a triple-majored student from High School for the Gifted, Duy is now pursuing a double-majored of Business and Natural Science from Minerva, a reinvented university based in San Francisco, U.S. With a vision to contribute to the society, Duy realized that if he joined hands with a more extensive organization, he would find avenues to make this a reality. This is how his journey began at VietAbroader, one of the biggest NGO in Vietnam that empowering Vietnamese with soft skills and practical knowledge. Hands in hands, he led, ran and organized multiple projects and diverse activities from camps, career conferences, to the educational portals, etc. What draws him to the organization is his observation of how individuals who participate in the organization give back to society. He has seen students who take part in the programs come back to help other students on larger scales. “It makes me happy to see the ripple effect,” Duy said

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