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Connor Mitchell

Company: Clean Energy Associates

Title: Busniess Analyst

Country: USA

Sector: Solar Energy

Age: 22

Magic is real. Connor will never forget the first time he experienced the wonder of a photovoltaic solar cell; an object that generated power from stillness and sunlight. Since that moment in a lab at his previous university 3 years ago, Connor has dedicated himself to sharing this magic with the world. In 2016, he worked as a consultant for Rio de Janeiro's city government to develop an urban solar strategy, then narrowed his scope to marketing homeowners in Southern California through personalized energy-use insights. In 2017, after transferring to Minerva Schools at KGI and broadening both his perspective and skill set, Connor took a data analyst role with Clean Energy Associates (CEA): a Shanghai-based quality assurance provider for global clean energy projects. While at CEA, he built a business intelligence platform that provides a necessary window into the Chinese photovoltaic manufacturing space for decision-makers across the entire solar supply chain. A student in title and heart, Connor currently studies data science and statistics at Minerva with some cognitive science and philosophy on the side. Driven by passion and a core belief in the power of data-driven storytelling to inspire behavioral change, Connor intends to help create a future where mindful, sustainable action is a priority rather than an after-thought.

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