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Membership in FutureTalks is invitation based. When inviting members we are looking for people who want to engage with and inspire others around them - with a focus on "us" rather than "me". We believe in the magic that happens when you bring amazing changemakers together. Especially a group of diverse changemakers representing young and older, all sectors and all continents. Meet our FutureThinkers:

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We are always stronger together! Do you share our vision and mission? Join the FutureTalks community. Membership is vetted by our community members.

Without the team, partners and friends, FutureTalks would not exist. If you want to join the team of volunteers or sponsor our mission, send us a line.


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FutureTalks connects and engages people of all ages, from all backgrounds and all over the world in discussions that will define the path forward for humanity and our planet.


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