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FutureTalks is a community of leading thinkers and doers with a focus on "us" rather than "me". FutureTalks believes that magic will happen when you bring amazing changemakers together cross sectors, gepgraphies and ages. Membership is by invitation.

Meet our FutureThinkers:

Samantha Stein

You can fly all around the world, view cutting-edge tech as its released, and read every thought leaders opinion on the future, but nothing will bring the future closer into focus than disconnecting with FutureTalks, and co-designing it with the 100 brilliant minds they curate. Thank you SO much for the incredible opportunity! Rome wasn't built in a day, and it wasn't easy to build, but I know you made it look and feel seamless as a participant. You learn what you don't know by listening to other's perspectives. FutureTalks brought together diverse perspectives to build a holistic discussion of the future, and where we can each plug-in and growth our knowledge base around our time's most pressing issues.

FutureTalks connects and engages people of all ages, from all backgrounds and all over the world in discussions that will define the path forward for humanity and our planet.


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