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Claire Boonstra

Company: Operation Education

Title: Founder

Country: Netherlands

Sector: Education

Age: 42

Known as: Founder of Layar  

Claire Boonstra is founder of œ Operation Education, a non-profit which enables the transformation of education systems, and which enables schools to become practice grounds for life and for the world we strive for: peaceful, happy, healthy and sustainable. 

Boonstra previously served in many different roles - as a TU Delft civil engineer, manager at KPN and Unilever, mobile internet expert, entrepreneur and technology pioneer with her augmented reality startup Layar. She is a WEF Young Global Leader and a former WEF Tech Pioneer and was frequently listed as on of the most influential women in technology. In 2012 she realized she had a calling - to revolutionize education - which resulted in founding œ Operation Education. 

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