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Christine Spiten
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Christine Spiten

Company: Blueye Robotics

Title: Co-founder & Chief Global Strategist

Country: Norway

Sector: Technology

Age: 27

Meet Blueye Robotics Co-Founder Christine Spiten, who has a heart for the ocean and a genuine interest in new technology, sustainable business and innovation. She holds a M.Sc in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, which included Robotics courses at UFRJ in Rio, Brazil. Christine has been recognised as one of Norway’s 50 most important female tech founders in 2017 and was a nominated finalist for the Nor-Shipping Young Entrepreneur Award 2017.


Together with an international research team, Christine has sailed across the Atlantic to investigate and map marine litter using the first prototype developed by Blueye. The company has since grown rapidly out of the Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (AMOS) at NTNU, and has entered the market with the Blueye Pioneer underwater drone that allows private consumers to drive and film underwater using their smartphones or tablets.


Driven by her passion for blue oceans and green spaces, Christine strives to inspire curiosity about and care for the ocean by democratizing access to the ocean through creating accessible technology that allows ordinary people to discover the beauty and fragility of this vulnerable space.

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