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Community   >>   Bruno Sanchez-Andrade Nuno

Bruno Sanchez-Andrade Nuno

Company: Satellogic

Title: Vice President Impact

Country: Spain

Sector: Science

Age: 36

Bruno is a strategic scientific advisor committed to bringing the value of Science and Technology to society at large. He is especially focussed on shifting the value of science away from a body of facts and knowledge to very transferable skill-sets and tools to understand complexity and make better decisions (Impact Science project). Bruno holds a Ph.D. Magna cum Laude in astrophysics from the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and postdoc in satellite and rocket science with NRL/JAXA/NASA. He has previously worked at the World Bank Innovation Lab, where he led the technical work of Big Data across operations globally. Bruno is a member of the Global Agenda Council on Space, and serves on strategic boards for several companies, government bodies, and NGOs. He is also a Young Global Leader of World Economic Forum.

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