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Besart Copa

Title: Founder

Company: Albanian Scholarship Effort

Country: Albania

Sector: Education

Besart does a 1000 things: from planting staghorn corals in the Dominican reef and writing Darknet cybersecurity policy proposals for the OSCE in Vienna to working for a leading consumer electronics company in Silicon Valley and overseeing the largest pro bono academic counseling initiative in his home country, Albania. The common denominator among these experiences is a genuine curiosity to understand the nexus of forces that affect our world today - and desire to become part of it.


One of his main beliefs is that opportunity should be more about individual accomplishment and less about the zip code under which you are born. As of now, he is contributing to this solution by working with access-to-education scholarship efforts.


Besart's projects in education, policy, and social entrepreneurship, have been awarded by We Are Family Foundation, United Nations SDSN, and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. 

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