Arctic expedition

Svalbard, August 24-28

100 brilliant people - young and old - from all sectors and all continents.

Four days on a veteran ship - undisturbed - with no wifi or cellular coverage.

Together - exploring the Arctic and engaging in the most important discussions of our time.


What should our societies be like? How can wealth be more equally distributed? How does tech affect democracy and the distribution of power? How do we meet the blurring divisions between man and machine? What are the consequences of bioengineering? Should there be restrictions on AI? How can we prepare our children for the future instead of the past?


We are at a point in time where things are changing fast. New technologies bring the potential to create an amazing future for all, but we are also facing great risks. The Arctic Expedition is about opening eyes, deliberately choosing direction, and empowering the young. It’s about taking a stand on ethics and sustainability. Consciously choosing our way forward.

FutureTalks' Founding Community will during this expedition define the 15 most important questions of our time - which will set the direction for FutureTalks work moving forward. Before we sail off, you can meet us all in Oslo.

FutureTalks connects and engages people of all ages, from all backgrounds and all over the world in discussions that will define the path forward for humanity and our planet.


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