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Antonio Stark

Company: Young Sustainable Impact

Title: Director of International Operations

Country: South Korea

Sector: NGO

Age: 21

Antonio is an ambitious global undergraduate at Minerva Schools with experience and interests in startup accelerator development, sustainable enterprise management, and policymaking. While he's from Seoul (South Korea), he also based out of Washington D.C. (USA), Vienna (Austria), and Oslo (Norway).


While working with Venture Capitals and startups in the Bay Area, Antonio got frustrated at the lack of social awareness in the funding and accelerator industry. He has since gained expertise in developing assessment metrics for social inclusion and impact, incorporating them in the accelerator programs he built for various customers. His specialty is designing courses that utilize the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and their indicators, which he produced for UN organizations such as the World Federation of United Nations Associations and (WFUNA) the UN Economic and Social Council in the Asia Pacific (UN ESCAP). His other specialty is developing accelerators for emerging markets, which were commissioned by organizations such as T-Hub (soon the #2 largest accelerator in the world), and the Hanyang Social Innovation Center. Antonio is occasionally invited to talk about sustainable development and has advisor/consultant status on multiple startups.


Antonio is also highly active in the space policy sector. He has represented organizations such as Space Generation Advisory Council, Alliance for Space Development, and Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. Antonio served on observer status to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Space on multiple occasions. He has lobbied on Capitol Hill, participated in legislature working groups at Vienna, and represented young professionals in the signing of various bilateral and trilateral agreements.


Apart from the startup- and space-related activities, Antonio also enjoys scuba diving and photography, with doing some design works in his spare time.

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