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FutureTalks was founded by Silje Vallestad - a serial entrepreneur and idealist who since teenage years has been focussed on connecting people cross sectors, geographies and ages - in 2018. After Silje graduated from United World college of the Atlantic, she co-founded a global youth organization called World Voices to connect young grassroot activists and global leaders. Alongside young people from all over the world, renowned leaders such as HH The Dalai Lama, Hillary Clinton, President Vaclav Havel and Queen Noor were involved. FutureTalks is the in many ways chapter two of the journey she started at 19. Now being an established leader herself with a global network of change makers, and still with the passion to engage youth and inspire change.

FutureTalks started as a crazy idea– “what if we invite 100 brilliant people of all ages, all backgrounds and all nationalities on an Arctic expedition to discuss what future we want?”. With the financial support of generous sponsors, ship was chartered and invitations started going out.

The Arctic expedition brought together the founding community of FutureTalks, and the results were mind blowing. It fast became clear that the experiment had legs, and the community that was founded in the Arctic could accomplish great things - both as part of FutureTalks and as a result of the new friendships and cooperations started.


You are welcome to join!


  • People, planet, organizations and corporates and flourish sustainably together.

  • Discussions on ethics should guide decisions.

  • Even the most complex issues can be made accessible to all. Simplify!

  • Cooperation trumps competition – we seek partnerships whenever possible.

  • Diverse groups are better problem solvers – we seek diverse perspectives.

  • The main stakeholders in the future are the young, and they should have the power to define it.

  • We always think global.

  • We focus on positive impact.

  • We are passionate, determined, committed and courageous - in heart and in mind.

  • We are open to ideas, and welcome the discussions.

  • We communicate.

  • We are authentic, respectful, honest and trustworthy.

  • We get out there and explore.

  • We dare to challenge. We dare to be challenged. We dare to be different.

  • We work smart, think big, have fun and do good.

  • We lead by example and pay it forward.

  • We hold ourselves accountable, and accept and delegate responsibility.

  • We invest in growth, learning and happiness.

  • We work with the best – regardless.

  • We celebrate wins and learning.

  • We strive to make our children proud of us.

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