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Community   >>   Abhimanyu Bhargava

Abhimanyu Bhargava

Company: HeatGrade

Title: Founder

Country: India

Sector: Sustainability

Age: 24

Troubled early by the theoretical bounds of mainstream economics, especially in explaining development and growth, Abhi is a pluralist economist/entrepreneur interested in harnessing the decentralisation and digitalisation revolutions we face today for innovations at the bottom-of-the-pyramid.

Abhi is a systems thinker working at the cross-junction of various industries; agriculture, water, energy, technology, finance and development. He believes that by aligning incentives across these industries that reflect the changing needs today, we create the potential for exciting, holistic and disruptive systems to shape our future.

Abhi has project planned creative collaborations; involving a standalone solar powered water filtration and real-time contaminant detecting unit in Brazil and energy trading on the grid-edge in Scotland. He is currently the Managing Director of Farm-Hand, an internet-of-things enabled precision irrigation company working for small-holder farmers in the global south and co-founder of HeatGrade, a non-invasive technology and data analytics company that aims to mass-measure heat loss in low rise buildings. Abhi is also involved in the market strategy for Connected Energy, a joint-venture aiming to commercialise products in smart monitoring and after-sales service for household biogas and solar. Abhi was chosen as one of 25 entrepreneurs for the Young Sustainable Impact (YSI) initiative in 2017 and has worked in Singapore, India, United Kingdom, Colombia and East Africa.

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